For businesses

The QRAX network provides a secure, secure and cost-effective way to process payments.

Transparency, decentralization, immutability

Blockchain is a public, collective ledger of network events on which the entire QRAX network is based. All confirmed transactions are included in the block and then in the blockchain - the blockchain.

For users and businesses
Оптимальные затраты на платежи
Fast payments

The QRAX network provides a transaction within a fraction of a second (with confirmation within about one minute while the current block is being formed).

Мгновенные платежи
Optimal transaction fees

No commission is charged for incoming transactions. Outbound transaction fees are burned every superblock, providing a deflationary effect. The commission is 1% of the payment amount, but not more than 100 coins, and not less than 0.1 coins.

Решения с открытым исходным кодом
Fraud protection

There is no censorship or cancellation of transactions in the QRAX network, payments are irreversible and secure, which means that there can be no complex schemes with cancellations and transaction proceedings, there is simply no place for fraudsters to operate. Complete financial transparency of transactions.

Активная база пользователей
Open source solutions

Integrate payment methods and APIs developed in QRAX easily and completely free of charge. The QRAX source code is open source and available to anyone.