DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake)

Receive staking rewards while your funds are securely locked in offline masternode storage.

Stacking your QRAX coins has never been so easy

Delegate QRAX for staking to a hot masternode wallet while maintaining full control. With DPoS, you keep your QRAX private keys and staking rewards and assets offline while the hot masternode wallet stays online for 24 hours.


Minimum hardware requirements

The wallet can work on a variety of devices and does not require special mining equipment or high electricity costs to keep the network functioning.

Energy saving

Any wallet can delegate QRAX to a masternode, reducing the energy consumption required for staking.

DAO - Decentralized Management

Any QRAX wallet can submit a proposal to be voted on by masternodes. The voting result is determined on each super block (44000 blocks).


Masternodes control delegated balances and are rewarded for their storage from the accrued assets. They also observe which delegated balances are staked, but only the owner of the actual QRAX retains the ability to spend the delegated coins.