Sustainable Economy

The long-term balance between inflation and deflation is designed to be scalable.

The whole world is in balance

The QRAX monetary policy was designed to strike a long-term sustainable balance between inflation and deflation in order to maximize security and minimize network cost to support a scalable, decentralized and resilient node infrastructure. This allows for instant, global and confidential transactions.

Sustainable Economy
Низкий барьер входа
Low barrier to entry

With minimal hardware costs and the ability for anyone to participate in securing the QRAX network. The global coverage potential is virtually unlimited.

Самофинансируемая (без организации ICO)
Self-funded (no ICO organization)

Blockchain has been tested since 2019, no prior mine or secret development, QRAX is a transparent coin. Funding for network development is integrated into the blockchain.

Модель динамического предложения монет
Dynamic coin supply model

The ecosystem of the supply of QRAX coins changes depending on the volume of transactions, the rate of issue and the commission burned.

Награды за блок
Block rewards

Any member can receive rewards for actively participating in the maintenance of the network.

Сжигаемая комиссия
Burnt commission

The commission spent on each transaction made is burned, creating a deflationary effect.

Модель регулирования
Regulatory model

QRAX monetary policy strikes a long-term sustainable balance between inflation and deflation. Allows instant global and confidential transactions.