These are nodes with advanced functionality that ensure the operability of the network.

Get more by owning a masternode

Masternodes are powerful servers backed by collateral in QRAX. These nodes of the network are created to ensure the operability of all services and mechanisms for managing the blockchain.
Masternodes store complete copies of the blockchain. As a reward for the services they provide to the network, masternodes receive regular rewards. Masternode owners are the participants most interested in the development and performance of the network, they get the opportunity to vote on the distribution of the network development budget. This budget provides self-financing for projects developing the QRAX ecosystem.

Masternode requirements:

  • 50 000+ coins in the wallet serving the masternode

  • Dedicated IP

  • 24 hours uptime

Защита сети QRAX
QRAX network protection

Masternodes provide a high level of security and network health by providing master nodes for block validation and transactions.

Децентрализованное управление
Decentralized governance

Without established decision-making protocols, progress and development can stall. The community forms the direction of the development of the network and the masternodes vote on the allocation of the development budget.

Инновации в голосовании
Innovation in voting

QRAX uses masternodes as a blockchain-based decentralized voting system to guarantee decision making and budget allocation.

Вознаграждения за блок и право голоса
Block rewards and voting rights

Masternode owners receive increased rewards for their network services. They are also given the right to vote in the process of participating in management decisions.