Staking, assets and transaction fees

Each wallet node in the network has a coin emission function.

Staking is a reward for keeping the network up and running and for winning the right to generate a block on a simple wallet. The network allocates 1 coin for the won right to form a block.

Staking on a masternode is a reward for active participation in the life of the network and its development. For the won right to generate a block, the masternode receives 5 coins. Masternodes also participate with their voice in the allocation of the budget for the development of the network.

The process of assets rewards participants for popularizing the network and is implemented through the mechanism of accruing a certain number of coins as a percentage of the sum of two values, from the balance of the wallet and from the balance of the structure of followers-popularizers organized by the node, up to 100 nodes in depth and not limited in width. Also, the blockchain takes into account the age of storage of coins and does not take into account the age of the coins themselves.

Wallet sum % of mining without
assets network
Assets sum % of mining with
assets network
From % per year From % per year
1 0,143 100 0,286
100 0,214 1 000 0,428
1 000 0,286 10 000 0,571
10 000 0,357 100 000 0,714
100 000 0,429 1 000 000 0,857
1 000 000 0,500 10 000 000 1,000

The commission for an outgoing transaction is 1% of the amount, but not more than 100 coins and not less than 0.1 coins and is completely burned on each superblock.

In total, the wallet can receive rewards for actively participating in maintaining the network for the following actions:

Стекинг, ассетс и комиссии транзакций в сети

За хранение монет на балансе и балансе последователей - %

For keeping coins on the balance and the balance of followers - %

За вы и гранное право сформировать блок в сети - 10 монет

For the won right of a node to form a block in the network - 1 coin

Решения с открытым исходным кодом

For the maintenance of a masternode and the won right to form a block with a masternode - 5 coins

* All of the above charges constitute the multi-mining system in the QRAX network. Thus, in the network, each block forms a certain number of coins for the awards of the participants, the formation of a development budget and commissions are burned, ensuring a healthy balance of the coin economy. Management and development of the network is implemented through the masternode voting functionality.