Advanced Proof of Stake

Get rewards for keeping the QRAX network up and running simply by storing coins in your wallet.

Get more by owning less

The operation of the node on the network automatically triggers participation in the verification and transfer of blocks, while your wallet continually evaluates your personal transactions to see if you win the right to create the next block.

Безопасная сеть
Secure Network

A distributed network of individual nodes ensures that every transaction and block added to the blockchain is verified, ensuring that the blocks and transactions are valid.

Early Bonus
Agreed Block Time

The block generation interval is approximately 60 seconds. The unique time synchronization protocol greatly reduces the variance in the actual interval between blocks.

Минимальное потребление энергии
Minimal energy consumption

PoS can run on conventional home computing platforms and does not require special mining hardware or high electricity costs to keep the network functioning as required in PoW.


Every wallet has a chance to win an award for keeping the network up and running. The QRAX coin does not have an age multiplier, but it does have a storage time multiplier.