Q4 2018

Market analysis, discussion, preparation, blockchain development

Q1-3, 2019

Blockchain development

Q4 2019

Launch of the blockchain test network

Q1-3 2020

Debugging the blockchain

Q4 2020

Development and testing of the last version of the blockchain

Q1-2 2021

Testnet and launch of the public version of the blockchain

Q1-2 2021

Win console, Mac console, QT wallet

Q1-2 2021

Block Explorer, Voting Explorer

Q2-3 2021

Gui wallet (include IOS ANDROID)

Q2-3 2021

PWA Wallet

Q4 2021

Development services QRAX

Q1-4 2022

Development DAPPS and Smart-contracts

Q1-4 2023

Listing on exchanges

Q1-4 2024

Development V.2.0 QRAX