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QRAX is digital money that is better than cash.

Simple, Fast and Safe!

Consider alternative ways to pay for goods and services? QRAX is the best alternative way to accept payments.

Пользователям и бизнесу
Оптимальные затраты на платежи
Security and control over your funds

QRAX Transactions are protected by top-level cryptography. No one can charge you money or make payments on your behalf. Anonymous payments are a part of our daily life.

Мгновенные платежи
Instant payments

Thanks to the QRAX network, receive instant payments
(with confirmation within about one minute while the current block is formed).

Решения с открытым исходным кодом
Works anywhere, anytime

The network does not require special equipment, the network works on simple computers and there are no weekends or holidays from anywhere in the world.

Активная база пользователей
Active user community

Become a member of the QRAX Network and receive a variety of services, including support from our community.